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What does it mean to complete Integrate?

Editor’s note: We will offer Integrate, our seminar on self-acceptance, just twice this year. This seminar focuses on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self, as well as your “shadow” (those parts we repress because they don’t align with our ideas of who we “should” be). It can be heavy work—and extremely rewarding. We’ve asked a handful of grads to share their experiences. Here’s what they said they gained:


I have attended about eight Integrate seminars. Each time, it is a new experience of delving into the parts of me I do not—or simply cannot—access in any other way except through the deep shadow work that Integrate offers and requires. I often feel terrified about revealing myself in this way. Yet every time I summon the strength to show up fully and courageously, I get to realize once again that as I reveal myself transparently, the more freedom I feel, the more love I open to, and the more I welcome others into my heart. Through daring to be vulnerable to myself and to others in this extraordinary seminar, I reenter the world a more whole and aligned being, accepting myself and others in all our beautiful and flawed humanity.  — Betsy Ruth


Learning personal accountability put me, finally, on the path to my own integrity and self-respect, which I had lost in my early years. The profound acceptance Integrate focuses on was the most important step in regaining my wholeness, my acceptance of self, and my self-forgiveness. I am who I am, I see who I am, and I accept myself. I’m no longer stuck in judgment of myself, and this frees me to see myself fully, live fully in the present, and to connect with myself and others. This is the freedom I have always sought. —Yukio Tomooka


I have found a level of self-compassion and acceptance that I had not experienced previously. I’ve always had a very loud inner critic, and although I still struggle with “perfection,” I now have tools that allow me to quiet the inner voice and move away from self-judgment. —Patty Casebolt


This was a very powerful seminar for me. Very ugly parts of me showed up and now I am aware of them. The hard work has begun. Arghhhhhh. — Cheryl Campbell


Blew me out of the water. Masterful. Takes CrossOver to a whole new level. Wow. … I am leaving filled with wonder at my power and my range of choice and how to use it. —William Greif

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