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When the Road is Hard, Let’s Be Soft

It seems to me that nothing in life is more paradoxical than love. The minute we find and fall into each other, another possibility opens up. It’s the one we try not to think about. The one where one of us is left alone to feel the deep sorrow and heart break of loss. This unspoken fear may keep us from fully knowing the true depth of our love. Have you noticed it is often only in tragedy that love is fully expressed? Those times when the foundation beneath us shatters, and we come together as a family, a community or a people and learn this simple truth, we belong to each other.

Let’s not let tragedy be the only thing that reminds us of the immediacy of life, instead let’s look for and create opportunities to fully express our love for each other now. Ram Dass said, “we are all walking each other home.”  So when the road is hard, let’s be soft; and when we are invited to celebrate, let’s add to the good fortune of others. 

It is, like Hafiz says, “all about the love today, tomorrow, and every day until we die.”

xo –Sherrie

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

~~ Kahlil Gibran

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