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Who made that Wings artwork? It’s Meg

Meg Mitchell and some of the art she’s made for Wings Seminars.

Editor’s note: Meg Mitchell is the artist behind the lively, colorful artwork that often lines the walls at Wings seminars. We talked with her about inspiration, Star Wars snow lizards, and her journey in life.

What is your inspiration for designing art for Wings Seminars? I’m inspired to assist participants to integrate the messages and experiences of the seminar. This begins in the seminar room, when imagery and creativity can help us learn and anchor our experiences. When participants take the art or pictures home with them, this can help remind them of the beliefs and behaviors they are wanting to integrate into their lives.

Can you share a little about your background with Wings? I began my journey with Wings with the core seminars in the late 1990s. I completely transformed the way I went through the world. I’ve continued serving and learning on support teams. Bev (Foster, a facilitator) liked having big colorful posters in CrossOver, so I started incorporating the imagery the participants would bring into the seminar room into the posters.

Butterfly wings

Leaders of the Women with Wings Leadership Seminar pose in front of giant butterfly wings created by Meg.

In one memorable seminar, several of the participants were wearing Star Wars t-shirts.  They loved having a Jedi poster suddenly appear with a “Do Something Different” light saber. Later, they asked me to replace the imagery of the “dead horse” with a Tauntaun, a Star Wars snow lizard. Those posters definitely went home with the participants.

When I was on support teams we would stay late into the night producing posters or completing the writing for the next day. So, nine years ago I created the first large, permanent “It’s About Me” posters.  Having some permanent posters for the support teams has become more important now that we travel to various locations. I’m working with Wings Program Director Sherrie Frank and Program Coordinator Dawn Contreras to bring more imagery into the Personal Effectiveness Seminar to enhance the key messages much in the same way that music does.

What is your background as an artist? What do you most enjoy doing with your art? Ever since I can remember I’ve done art of some type. Other than a few lessons when I was young, I’m mostly self-taught. I enjoy creatively acknowledging and recognizing people in special ways, and art that has something important to say. I hope the posters in the seminars “artfully” convey the importance of becoming more aware and mindful while also being light-hearted with ourselves and others. This is an important reminder for myself.

If you could inspire people who see your art to do one thing, what would it be? Continue the journey of becoming aware. There is always more!

What inspires you daily? I’m inspired by people throughout history and around me today who contribute by combining various perspectives from

Make a difference poster

Meg’s posters often include phrases from seminars.

different disciplines or ways of knowing. This is the magic of creative collaboration.

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