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Why WellBeing? Here’s how our introductory seminar got a new name

Brenda Johnson

Brenda Johnson

Editor’s note: Brenda Johnson is CEO of La Clinica, the Wings parent organization since 2016. She has completed most of the Wings seminars, has served as a Wings intern, and has led seminars. We asked her to talk here about the decision to change the name of the Personal Effectiveness Seminar to WellBeing.

We’ve been listening closely to the feedback of seminar participants over the last several years. While we’ve always heard stories about how people have integrated what they’ve learned in seminars, we’ve more recently begun to see specific themes that shine though. And one is that people get more than “personal effectiveness” when they complete our introductory seminar.

They tell us they get clearer about what they want in their lives. They learn about being authentic and improving communication in relationships. They experience more energy, action, and freedom. They make lifestyle changes that are the result of feeling personally whole.

WellBeing is a name that rings truer to what we hear.  It aims to capture and name a more comprehensive and holistic outcome that includes our heads, hearts, body, and spirit and is fueled by love, respect, and conscious choice.  We’re also aware that this seminar is one of the main ways people new to Wings enter our program, and we believe the name WellBeing will appeal to a broader audience that may not be immediately drawn to the concept of becoming personally effective.

The core content of PES, now WellBeing, remains the same. We’ve made updates in music and artwork, and minor adjustments to specific processes that enhance the great work that has already been built.

For those of you who may be partway along on your journey with us, know that all you’ve done so far continues to be a good foundation to move forward. We will continue to offer a three-seminar core series (now WellBeing, CrossOver, and LifeWorks), and the work you did in the first seminar will continue to be good preparation for the others.

We welcome, as always, your feedback on what we’re doing and how we’re serving you, either by email or in the comments you post below.


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